Unique Birthday Gifts

When looking for a birthday gift for a loved one ask yourself, "What about this present makes it special? Why or how is this gift unique?" The person getting the present will definitely notice and appreciate the thought and time you put into finding something truly personal.

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What are Lifely Gifts?

More than a celebration of a birthday, anniversary, or other major life event, Lifely Gifts are a celebration of the recipient's life! They're also a great way to document what the world was like leading up to, and during, a momentous occasion.

What makes Lifely Gifts special?

Lifely Gifts don’t focus on the year of the event but also major milestones along the way. What were the most beloved toys when the recipient was a child? What music was popular when they were old enough to care about music? What was the most desirable car to have when they were old enough to drive? We even include historical figures and famous people who share a birthday with their special day.

How are Lifely Gifts unique?

Even when two people have the same birthday, they won't have the same interests, be the same gender, be born in the same state, or have the same name. All of those things and more go into making Lifely Gifts unique.

Are Lifely Gifts personalized?

Yes, Lifely Gifts are designed to be personalized in several ways. Customize your gift with your own special message or pick from over 100 common messages. Displayed at the bottom of the page. You also get to pick the background and supporting imagery of the Lifely Gift by selecting their interests and hobbies. Their birthday, place of birth or current residence, and more all play a role in what appears on Lifely Gifts.

Build a memorable Birthday present for someone you love!

Build a Happy Birthday Gift

You only need four things: their name, birthday, gender, and state.

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