61st Birthday Gift Idea for parent or grandparent born in 1963

Something different for your parent or grandparent's 61st birthday

A gift that celebrates their unique life as well as their birth.

One side of the gift focuses on the year they were born, where they're from, and what was happening 61 years ago in 1963. The reverse side highlights their name meaning and origin, birth sign as well as a personal message from you. It contains over 200 fun bits of trivia and because it's is meant to be viewed from both sides it has several unique options for viewing it.

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You can order it framed in a unique dual-sided wood frame or you could choose a dual-sided plexiglass stand with a wood base, both are hand-made by us. Other options include laminated to seal and protect it. Our printed option is on heavy 60lbs card stock using a commercial color laser printer. All options include free shipping in the USA. If your in rush or just want to print it yourself you can pick the download option.

Send them on a fun and nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Side 1


For this example, we'll make up a man named. (let's say David T Crawford ) We'll say he was born on Thursday, May 19, 1960, and he was born in CA, USA.

Explore the stunning detail of this thoughtful birthday present. Take your time and check out a few different ages or years using the "Sample" button above.

This personalized 61st birthday present contains hundreds of interesting facts. An entertaining throwback to 1963 focusing on shows, politics, music, and more.

Top Movies 61 years ago

  • Goldfinger
  • Mary Poppins
  • From Russia W/ Love
  • My Fair Lady
  • A Hard Days Night
  • Dr. Strangelove
  • The Birds
  • Charade

This dual-sided 61st birthday gift is loaded with information like this. We try to focus on the positives like inventions, movies, sports, and popular TV shows. The background is themed based on the recipient's interest. Over 100 different interests to choose from. You will be sure to find one they will love.


  • Dual-sided - Beautiful on both sides
  • Themed - Based on their interests
  • Size - Measures 8.5 x 14 inches
  • Downloadable - PDF copy instantly
  • Personalized - Pick the look and a personal message
  • Birthplace - Choose from the US, Canada, or Mexico
  • Finishing - Framed, Stand, Laminated, Printed
  • Shipping - Free Shipping
  • 100% - Satisfaction Guarantee

A Unique birthday present for your 51-year-old parent or grandparent or any family member or friend.

See if you can find "Popular Shows", "New York Times", "Superbowl Score" on the front.

Did you notice any of the following?

Masters Golf Tournament Winner: Who won the Indianapolis 500 that year
Pulitzer Biography: The Pulitzer Prize in biography winner
Roman Year: Their birthday in roman numerals

Some thoughtful notes about the Swinging Sixties!

When looking back to the Sixties, the cold war tensions rose with the Cuban Missile Crisis bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. In the '60s as the Vietnam War raged on, we saw protests, drugs, rock 'n roll, and Woodstock.

Don't just send them a gift!

Build a memory

A memory that will last a lifetime!

Stunning 61st birthday gift ideas - Side 2

Take a look at the side 2. Notice the detail about their name in the opening sentence.

Top Music: The top-selling album when you were fifteen
Must-Read Books: Must-read books the year they were born
Astrological Symbol: The astrological symbol of the recipient

For fun, Find the following "Popular Fashion Women", "Moon House at Birth", and "Sun Distance at birth" on the back.

Build A Memory!

Take a look at the bottom left, it features information about the state where they were born or where they live.

1963 Birthday Gift!

61st birthday gift ideas and general good advice:
Ginger and ginger teas spark vitality.

Some people refer to this time as the Swinging Sixties. Here is something everyone will enjoy talking about, Buzzwords of the year 1963. All of those and so much more are included in this birthday newsletter tribute.

Top buzz words 61 years ago

  • Out To Lunch
  • Fox
  • Gas
  • Encounter Groups
  • Hell's Angels
  • Hot Line
  • Back Burner
  • Funny Farm
  • Scam
  • Beatlemania
  • Rat Fink

Did you find "Sun Distance at birth" on the back?

The samples shown here are medium quality, but the finished product is (8x) eight times this quality and personalized by you. Each "lifely gift" we send out is as unique as the person it's intended for.

To make this 1963 personalized gift we actively curate thousands of news and historical sources. We maintain a massive collection of fun and interesting historical facts. Each present contains over two hundred points of interest for each year. Ranging from the best toys of their childhood to hit music when they were fifteen and even the popular car to have when they were old enough to drive.

Most other "the day you were born gifts" are single-sided and have about fifteen general year stats with a name and birth date slapped on the top. Our 61st birthday gift idea is so much more as you have seen. Each one is unique, no other historical birthday gift celebrates your parent or grandparent's special life the way we do.

They will love this creative gift!

Let's Get Started

We hope the receiver will cherish it for many years.

More than a "61st Birthday Gift for parent or grandparent"

It's like a personalized time capsule for your parent or grandparent's birthday. Some people call it an on the day you were born birthday gift. While others call it a birthday newspaper gift. We call it a celebration of life birthday gift or a lifely Milestone Gift

It's a personalized printable 61st birthday gift with instant delivery.

If you don't want to print it yourself we can print and mail it to you or the recipient. We have other options like laminated and a plexiglass stand. We also have a unique and beautiful dual-sided wood frame made from pure walnut. We have thought of everything to make this a fun, easy, and memorable experience for you and your loved one.

NOTE: These samples were made from random information. First Name, Last Name, Gender, State, and birthdates do not represent a real person.


A few highlights from this wonderful 61st birthday poster

The front starts with their full name and birthday along with the meaning and origin of their name.

Pictures and names of the top six toys including the #1 toy of the year. World Series location, teams, winner, score, entertainment, and a picture of the program handed out at the game. A graphic of a cake with their age and "Happy Birthday" printed on it. Most popular actor and actress of the year. Time's Person of the Year. This is a small fraction of the 200 fun facts on this unique present.

It's so much more than any other "on the day they were born" type tribute.

Other names for this type of present

Here are some other names this type of product is known by "birthday newspaper"
"personalized printable birthday gift"
"on the day you were born"
"celebration of life gift"
"61st birthday newspaper"
"on the day they were born"
"61st birthday gift idea"

More 61st birthday gift ideas

100 years of samples!

Take a moment to check out a few different years from our collection. Click a decade then select a year. Try your birth year to see something similar to what yours might look like. Maybe check and see what it might look like if you ordered "birthday present for your Grandma" or "birthday present for your Grandpa". You could look up the birth-year for your dad or mom, just to see the difference. If you have kids, you might check their birth years and consider getting one as a keepsake for your child's room.

A thoughtful and creative birthday present for a 56-year-old woman, but also a great gift for any age.

You can choose from the USA, Canada, or Mexico as the recipient's birthplace. The gift is in English only. Many parts of the gift are dependent on the country and state or province the recipient is from. When ordering you will be asked to select the country and state or province the recipient is from.

For Americans, the United States of America flag is used in the top left as well as the state flag and information. The US Presidential name, coin, campaign pin, and information are featured. We focus on American events like The Supper bowl, The Miss America Pageant, The World Series, and many more.

For Canadians, the gift will show the Canadian flag in the top left as well as the province flag in the top right. The Canadian prime minister and province coat of arms are used. Many other sections of the gift incorporate things like ice hockey, lacrosse, and curling events.

Recipient's from Mexico are supported and the same sort of changes are made, please note the gift will be in English and mostly geared towards the US.


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