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Our Story

The story behind a product matters. We want you to know who's making it, how it's made, and the process we took to get here.

The gift of a lasting memory

Lifely Gifts

We wanted to offer a fun, unexpected experience for our customers by creating a lasting memory for you and your loved ones. When we started we set out to make a personalized birthday gift like no other and we think we have done it.

Made in the USA

Who makes Lifely Gifts and how?

Our products and frames are made by us, here in the USA.

We cut, sand, polish and assemble each product with care and choose only the best materials from recycled paper to the finest woods.

We looked into buying frames and stands from other countries and the price was good. But the environmental impact was too high and the quality was too low.

We looked at sourcing them from American companies and the selection was very limited and too costly.

Then we looked at manufacturing them ourselves and all the pieces just fit together! By making our products in-house we can offer the quality we want while keeping prices reasonable with minimal waste.

As a bonus, we can make a product that exactly fits our specifications without comprising form, function, or quality.

Quality gifts

Our Product Features

  • Handmade with exceptional craftsmanship and skill
  • Incorporate high-quality materials
  • Unique and personal Lifely Gift.
  • Whenever possible we use reclaimed or recycled materials
  • No two Lifely Gifts are the same!
  • Made without harming animals or using animal products like furs, leather, or feathers
  • Our personalized Lifely Gifts are meant to be treasured
Hand Made gifts

Our People

Our hourly pay is more than double the federal minimum wage.

We offer fair paid family leave to new parents and those caring for sick loved ones.

We encourage other companies we do business with to do the same.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Commitment to the Environment

We choose environmentally friendlier packing materials.

Our Lifely Gifts are printed on certified recycled paper.

We buy green credits through our ISP to offset the carbon footprint of our servers.

Our printers and office equipment are Energy Star compliant.

Our Mission for personalized gift giving

Our Mission

We believe the personalization experience should be fun and easy. We want to help you celebrate your family’s major life events. Our personalized Lifely Gifts always stand out from the crowd. We want to build you the most memorable gift you can give to your loved ones.

Our Thoughts

All of this makes us ask the question, "why doesn’t everyone do things this way?"

Heard enough, and want to try building a gift for someone you know?

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You only need four things, their
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